Mission Statement

‘We Design Passive, Near Zero Energy Buildings’

With the construction industry creating a huge portion of the greenhouse gas problem facing our generation, Ros Cheide are committed to helping solve this problem. Our goal is to design and build Passive & Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB). As experienced Passive House professionals, we are already one step ahead of the NZEB Building Regulations now part of Irish Building Regulations.

Passive House, the inspiration behind NZEB, & Passive Solar are some of the most sustainable construction systems going and with the superb reduction in fuel demand due to super insulation and airtight construction, it is economically wise to go passive as well as environmentally responsible. Read more about Passive Solar here.


Timber Construction

Did you know that every bag of cement that arrives on a building site is creating kilos of CO2? Did you know that every piece of timber arriving on site is sequestering kilos of CO2. So whilst using cement, concrete, and blocks is damaging the environment, choosing timber is actually helping the environment. This is why Ros Cheide recommend timber frame construction where possible. It’s fast to build, easy to work with as well as good for the environment.


Acoustic Design

Some people worry about noise travelling in timber houses. It’s true, this can be a problem depending on how the house has been built. However Ros Cheide work with Acoustic Engineers at the design stage and can guarantee high acoustic containment in the rooms within their buildings with our passive style detailing, sealing and insulating. So now you can have a sustainable timber building which is also acoustically sealed.


Property Development

In addition to design skills the team have years of experience in property development and construction project management which gives us a practical Unique Selling Point. We can bring to your project valuable wisdom and practical experience with the business of building design and property development.


If you want a sustainable residential design, large or small, contact us today.


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